RadionicHI-TECH, INC.

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Premium Models
G Series

The ECO-II Series fixtures are designed to take full advantage of our powerful SRD series dimmable drivers. The use of the SRD drivers...

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Builder Deluxe Models
ZX Series

The Radionic ZX series were introduced by Radionic Hi-Tech in 2008.  After years of development, this task light is top notch quality BUT...

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Builder Models
LY Series

We listened to the positive feedback on our initial high quality/affordably priced line of LED products, the ZX Series, and have expanded...

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Economy Models
EcoStriplite Series

The ECO-Striplight Series was created due to the need for economically priced, yet high quality LED strip lighting. With the...

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LED Exit Sign Retro Fit Kits

The LED exit sign retrofit kits use only about 4.5 Watts of power, about 12 times less than an incandescent exit sign and 5 times less...

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UC Series

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