LED Exit Sign Retro Fit Kits

The LED exit sign retrofit kits use only about 4.5 Watts of power, about 12 times less than an incandescent exit sign and 5 times less than a fluorescent exit sign. Our kits are not only energy efficient, but also very bright - an amazing 77 lumen per watt.  The ZXE5000 is designed to outlast incandescent  and fluorescent lamps in  exit signs. This means low maintenance costs, since electricians do not need to replace lamps that keep burning out. The LED's have an estimated life of over 50,000 hours, while incandescent  last for under 2000, and fluorescents under 5000!  Taking into consideration energy savings and lack of need to replace lamps the payback is often only 12 months! See the attached ENERGY CALCULATOR  to compute your savings.  The ZXE-5000-I-UNV and ZXE-5000-E-UNV exit sign retrofit kits are UL924 listed for most major brands of EXIT SIGNS including: Sure-Lites, Cooper Lighting, Alkco, Lightolier, Alpha, Western Lighting, Lithonia, Big Beam, High-Lites and more.  Still not convinced the ZXE-5000 is the best alternative to incandescent and fluorescent exit signs?

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  • ZXE LED Retrofit Kit

    ZXE LED Retrofit Kit

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